HPCL Customer Portal User manual


Directions to Access the HPCL’s  Portal for Customers.


Prerequisite :


a) Internet Connection Broadband / Dial up Connection

b) Internet Explorer 5.5 or above

c) MS Excel


i)                     Go to http://sales.hpcl.co.in using Internet Explorer or click on the “Customer Portal” link at http://www.hindustanpetroleum.com .


(Note: Best Viewed in IE 5.5 and above).


iii)                  Customer Portal Login Page (fig-1)appears which is common screen for the 4 SBUs.

iv)                  A news Ticker, Contact Details, Disclaimer are provided in the Login Screen.


Fig -1


v)                    After landing in the Customer Portal Home Page please provide your 8 (Eight) digit

Customer Code with the Password provided to you.


According to the Customer number the four SBU are directed to the corresponding SBU portal.


Aviation Portal



            Fig 2



Invoice / ADR


i)                     Click on Invoice / ADR link and select the Product, Airport Name, Ship to , From and to Date.

ii)                   After selecting the above criteria please select for Invoice or ADR.

iii)                  The output can be viewed on the screen or can be downloaded as Excel file in the     

local system


                                                            Fig 3


iv)   Dates can be easily selected from the Calendar provided in the Screen.


Invoice / ADR output

The output is shown in the Fig 4 where various fields such as ADR date.


                                                            Fig 4



Account Details


1)       Same procedure should be followed for account details where from and to date are only selected

Fig 5




Account Details output page:Fig 6

                                                            Fig 6



Payment Details:

1)       Same procedure should be followed for Payment Details where from and to date are only selected





Payment Details Output is like fig-8.





Sales History (Current Year and past 4 financial years) :

Sales history with Bar Graph representation is provided in the Portal for comparative study of sales.

                                                            Fig 10




Customer List





Photo Upload Option : Is a option provided to the Customers to Upload their own Air Craft picture in the Home Page and customize the Page.





List of people to contact.